For a healthy & refreshed appearance

Main-Taunus-Ästhetik is a department for plastic and aesthetic surgery of Main-Taunus-Privatklinik and offers you the whole spectrum of treatments and interventions in this field.

With its specialists, Main-Taunus-Ästhetik stands for professional and individual treatment, according to your wishes and to your satisfaction. Through personal consultation, care and years of experience, we help you to get closer to the goal of a better body feeling.

The specialist department for plastic and aesthetic surgery is headed by head physician Dr. Nick Spindler and benefits from his many years of professional expertise.

Contact & Team

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. We will be happy to help you.

Phone: 06196 - 80 18 8008

You are also welcome to email us with your appointment preferences and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Consulting & Procedure

Are you interested in a special treatment or would you like to get general information about the possibilities for your personal request? The first step is a detailed and non-binding consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

At your first consultation appointment we will collect general and medical data and take enough time to discuss your wishes. Our specialists will then perform a medical examination and provide you with detailed information about a possible operation, the expected result and the risks.

The costs for each operation depend on the individual findings and the corresponding expenditure. You will receive a cost estimate and all relevant information regarding the preparation of the operation from our experienced team.

Please note that we have to charge a fee of 50,00 € for the first consultation appointment.

Get a personal consultation with experienced specialists in our aesthetics and wrinkle consultation.

If you have decided on surgery after thorough consideration and clarification of all questions, we ask you to schedule an operation in our practice. Depending on this, we will schedule a pre-op and anesthesia consultation at our clinic. At this appointment you will have the opportunity to have a final talk with your surgeon and to clarify any unanswered questions. Photo documentation, measurements and, if necessary, implant selection or selection of compression garments will be made.

During the anesthesia consultation, you will be informed in detail about the planned anesthesia and its risks. If necessary, a blood sample will be taken.

You will transfer the costs for the planned surgery at least seven days before the surgery date on the basis of the cost estimate. The final invoice is issued after discharge from the clinic or after the outpatient surgery. Cost estimates are made on the basis of individual planning and are usually adhered to. However, we ask for your understanding that additional costs may arise as a result of a prolongation of the operation or an additional necessary overnight stay. We will inform you in detail about the planned and possible follow-up costs.

As part of the preparations for your desired procedure, you decide together with your surgeon whether the procedure will be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis and which form of anesthesia is planned. Your surgery day will also depend on these criteria.

For procedures with general anesthesia, please follow the anesthesia instructions prior to surgery.

In case of an outpatient surgery, we kindly ask you to come to the premises of Main-Taunus-Ästhetik at the indicated time. After the necessary formalities, we will accompany you to the outpatient surgery. After the operation, you can rest in the recovery room under the supervision and care of our experienced nursing staff. As soon as the surgeon has discharged you, you can be picked up by your escort and rest in your familiar surroundings. The next day, the first wound dressing change and check-up usually take place in our practice. Subsequent postoperative appointments will be coordinated with you individually.

Inpatient admission takes place on the premises of the Main-Taunus-Privatklinik. For this purpose, please report to the reception of the private clinic on the day of the operation at the specified time or at 06:30 at the earliest. After the admission procedures have been completed, you will be accommodated in a comfortable room. The experienced and courteous staff will prepare you for the operation and organize all the necessary procedures. After the operation you will receive medical and nursing care in your room. In addition, the special service of the private clinic is always at your disposal.

Depending on the length of your stay, your surgeon will visit you in the private clinic and discharge you. All subsequent appointments will take place at the clinic.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we arrange regular follow-up appointments after the operation. These are included in the treatment and do not cause any further costs for you. After the healing is completed, we again make a photo documentation and discuss the before and after comparison with you.