Full commitment to hygiene

One of our primary objectives is to protect the patients entrusted to us by preventing, detecting, preventing and combating infections acquired in hospital (nosocomial infections).

To ensure this, our hygiene team sets out the requirements and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, the Infection Protection Act and other recognized medical associations on hospital hygiene in hygiene and disinfection plans, continuously trains our employees accordingly and checks compliance with the rules at regular intervals. True to the motto "Constant dripping wears away the stone", we focus on sustainability and consistent refresher training.

In addition to hygiene in direct patient contact, our hygiene team also focuses on areas such as food and laundry supply and disposal, technical hygiene, building hygiene, waste disposal and much more. This is the only way we can provide patients, visitors and employees with the greatest possible protection.

Your protection is our obligation

A hospital hygienist and three trained hygiene specialists ensure that the hygiene guidelines are implemented and adhered to. Each specialist medical department also has a specialist or senior physician who has completed further training to become a hygiene officer.

In the area of nursing, each department has an employee trained as a hygiene officer.

The hygiene officers act as multipliers for hospital hygiene and are in constant contact with the hygiene team. Thanks to this close cooperation, all employees are kept up to date and contribute to maintaining our hygiene standards at a consistently high level.

The field of activity of hospital hygiene relates to all hygiene-relevant areas of the hospital. In addition to the comprehensive tasks relating to hygiene in medical care, we also provide advice on food, technical and building hygiene.

Important hygiene component: regular training courses

An introduction to hospital hygiene is held six times a year for new employees. In addition, hygiene training courses on various hygiene topics are held every three months as part of the central training program.

Based on the Clean Hands campaign, a hand hygiene day is held twice a year at the Bad Soden and Hofheim sites. All employees receive training on hand hygiene here. In addition, we give all nursing staff the opportunity to complete online training courses on hygiene. If the occasion requires it, hygiene training is carried out in the individual areas. Once a year, a refresher course is held for the doctors and nursing staff responsible for hygiene.

Our service and cleaning team also receive regular training.

Networks and working groups

Clean hands" campaign

The Clean Hands Campaign (ASH) is an alliance of several institutions in the German healthcare system. The aim is to raise awareness of the need to improve hand hygiene in medical and nursing work areas and thus prevent hospital infections. We are actively involved in the Clean Hands campaign.

Other networks and working groups

We are also active in the following national networks

  • MRE network
  • KISS Surveillance of the National Reference Center for Nosocomial Infections at the Charité in Berlin
  • Hospital hygiene working group of the Hesse Hospital Association